Genesis MetaVerse Blot Spotlights: Our members’ and volunteers’ and all the great events, shops, and activities that they offer as well as official Genesis special events and news.

Genesis Spotlight On the Aachen Community

The Aachen Community

Remona Stormborn, November 1, 2017

Today the Genesis Spotlight is on the Aachen community, an active collective of sixteen members that includes creators and friends. They describe themselves as “a colorful bunch of people who like to work together and have a lot of fun”.

Some of them have known each other for over ten years. They come from several ...

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Genesis Spotlight On George Mureaux

Over the Rainbow with George Mureaux

Remona Stormborn, November 1, 2017

For our first Genesis Spotlight I’d like to introduce George Mureaux of Gay Friends. I had the great honor to interview George and it was a very moving conversation.

George would like to invite everyone to come and enjoy his beautiful sim, Gay Friends on Over the Rainbow where he has spacious parks with gardens, beaches, a club, and a very lovely and poignant ...

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