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Exchange Your Virtual Currency Into Cash ….

Unlike so many other grids out there where your virtual currency is worthless every G$ has a value, You can cash out your G$ currency to PayPal (must be a registered PayPal account) or pay for region tier if you wish to, we have tried to make things as easy and understandable as possible to follow.

Become a Authorized Reseller ….

On the 1st December 2017 we opened up our authorized reseller programme for those who wish to buy and sell the GMV currency, Resellers will have a lower commission rate. If you would like to be considered or to apply to become a reseller please open a support ticket.

Cashout Policy ….

As of 1st December 2017 our cash out policy to PayPal changed, our commission has been changed to 5% of the total value, this now also includes the PayPal fees you no longer have to pay those charges. We have tried to make this as easy and painless as possible while being in line with PayPal and local laws.

Cashing Out to Tier ….

As of 1st December 2017 our cash out to tier (region credit) changed,  A 2.5% commission charge of the total value.

Selling Your Currency to GMV ….

Simply order with the button to the right, fill out the form and the money will be placed in your account within 48 hours. Please note there is a $100.00 limit per transaction.

Selling Your Currency to Tier ….

Cashing out to pay for region tier is a bit easier to do, and we add the credit to your region account within 48 hours. This credit will then be used to pay for your region.