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Reward Points system opened

Today (I know a day late) I’ve set up and opened the reward points system, for every $5.00 you spend on the website you will receive 1 reward point.
These points can then be used against anything in our website or even tier payments if you prefer, you will see your earned points and the current value in your web account dashboards.

Refer a friend Opened

Refer a friend with your unique code (located in your web account dashboard) and receive upto $5.00 per month for 12 months (dependant on region type ordered Min order of $10.00), your friend will also with your coupon code get 10% off any new region order for 12 months.
Coupon valid per referral, bonus amount will be added to your credit on payment of a region order which can be used against anything on our website including tier payments.

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