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Your Getting Started Guide ….

Getting started and taking those first few steps in a new grid should not be a daunting and scary thing, weve tried to make things as easy as possible for new members to join our growing and expanding community. The hardest part you’ll have to do is thinking up a cool name.

Step 1 – Creating a new avatar ….

This is the hardest part of your new life and forever home in GMV, as with most new grids its always the picking of a name that most think the longest on, Whats more you can even pick a surname for your avatar. If your ready to make a start click here.

Step 2 – Setting up your viewer ….

The viewer you use to access our grid will need to have a custom URL added, weve given full instructions here as well as a pictures so you dont get lost along the way.

Step 3 – Connecting to the grid ….

Once you have created a free avatar, set up your viewer your only a few steps away from starting to explore this brand new world, Open your viewer and follow the instructions making sure you are connecting to Genesis MetaVerse grid.

Step 4 – Seeing you inworld ….

Thats it your in easy huh :).


If you need more help we will be happy to help out as much as we can, even sharing a Skype call screen with you and walking you though the setup, just open a support ticket giving as much information as you possibly can.