Create Your Perfect Dream Home.

We are constantly bringing in new and fresh ideas to your OpenSim experiance.

Forward Motion With Innovative Designs.

Custom back end scripts and coding exclusive to GMV.

Powered By Cobra OpenSim.

Genesis MetaVerse is powered by our very own fork of OpenSim called Cobra.

Grab Your Very Own Trial Region.

Free for all new users a totally free trial region just to try us out.

Welcome to Genesis MetaVerse

Discover what you can do in Genesis MetaVerse, a 3D virtual world, where the only limitation is your imagination. A new beginning created totally by it's users for it's users. It's totally free to access Genesis MetaVerse and there is a wide variety of lands to explore from Genesis own public regions to users privately owned regions.

Why not create a virtual home and get away from everyday life, build a business and meet new people, talk to your friends, establish relationships and do all the things you can do in real life or fulfill your ultimate fantasy but in a virtual safe setting. Your very own regions start from as little as $5.95 a month. You can even cash out your G$ balance to real world money ($) via Paypal within 48 hours.


Free To Register

Create a avatar that repesents you or create a complete fantasy the choices are endless, you can even buy or create your own custom look, start to get a feel on what a 3D virtual world is like. Party the night away with a partner from our own custom and exclusive NPC system. You can even Grab your very own 14 day trial region with Genesis MetaVerse just to try us out, no billing information will be asked and you will get full access to all the estate tools. Just request one via our support ticket system It's as simple as that.


Explore and Make Friends

Visit hundreds of regions that our residents have created with our destination guide, from sailing regions to memorial gardens, Race your friends on a racing region or fly around one of the huge regions without crossing borders, even dance the night away at a club or disco.

If you prefer the quite life role play in one of the many family community regions even adopt a real child, the possabilitys are really endless, new regions are added daily, there is always something to do or explore in GMV. Alternativly if you are wanting something diffrent speak to any of our inworld mentors they are always happy to help out when they can.

Hypergrid Enabled

Our hyperreid address is http://grid.genesismetaverse.com:8002/ from there you can visit many other grids on the Hypergrid that OpenSim has to offer.


No Export Policy

Here at GMV we want to protect our builders and creators, weve got quite a few really great creators that are not found anywhere else in OpenSim, We run a no export policy which means anything that the creator does not want to leave our grid can leave, If a creator allows it to leave thaen that is upto them, Creators spend days, weeks even months building and coding, here we protect thier investments and appeciate what they do for our grid. Please read our T.O.S for any more information.

Resident Comment

  Wow what can you really say. Ive been to a few diffrent grids in my time, lag here is non existant, and one of the best welcome islands i have seen.

Stacy Bright
(Genesis Resident)

Resident Comment

  Genesis is a great place to be, the scripting is more compatible from Secondlife than most other grids. The team at Genesis work hard.

Lilly Hamd
(Genesis Resident)

Resident Comment

  Region crossing is really smooth, even between varr regions and scripts even work when crossing, most others can't get that to work.

Stuart Marcus
(Genesis Resident)

Resident Comment

  One of the best grids out there, somewhere i gladly call home, tried the rest now i live on the best, sure they had issues, who has not.

Insideout Jim
(Genesis Resident)
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